Thursday, January 16, 2014

Writing about not writing -- boy does that sound interesting or what

No matter how good my life gets, I will always find something to be discontented about.

Right now, I am feeling deeply constipated with all the stuff I think I should be writing, but scarcely have a moment's attention for. Poems. I have poems I want to write. A dissertation. (Or how about just a dissertation proposal even?) A novel. The next installment of a serialized adventure story I haven't even released the first installment of. Blog posts.

Tweets. Folks, if you want to see me writing, find me on Twitter. That's all the writing I do anymore.

I could actually do most of what I want to do if I got up every morning at 5 AM and wrote for an hour, then wrote half an hour on lunch breaks.

But then that would require that I actually take a lunch break. And that the baby not wake me up three times every night.

Anyway, I have a job and three children and I shouldn't complain. Just somebody please give me some drugs that make it so I don't ever need to sleep.