Saturday, May 30, 2009

He admits he was wrong

Well, it seems that I maligned the fates when I proposed that I might be prevented in every attempt to get my Texas driver's license. As it happened I was thwarted only one more time, by a representative at the DMV who claimed that I could get a ticket for driving my parents' Ohio-registered car with a Texas license. I sat down with the forms and called the police station, whose number I cleverly entered into my cell phone last year, and asked whether this information was correct. The woman I spoke with on the phone thought it sounded wrong and called an officer to confirm, but when she came back with the answer my phone ran out of batteries.

Not to be discouraged by a mere four fruitless trips to the DMV (It took me seven trips to get my license in the first place. Ask me about it sometime), I dared to venture a fifth, all applicable divine prohibitions notwithstanding. As a result, I am now the proud owner of a small piece of paper which declares that I will have a Texas license within six weeks.

Huh, that doesn't seem quite as triumphant as it did at the time.

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Anonymous said...

We lined up in front of the DMV bus at 8 am. The sign on the door clearly said "you need your out of state drivers license and your social security number". At 8:30 am, the door opened, and we, ahead of 12 other people, stormed the bus, having been given a form to fill out and a number. I finished my form in no time at all, proudly presented it to the agent (who had a strange resemblance to Princess Fiona in Shrek 2) and was told that "the rules have changed". I now needed to produce my SS card, not just the number.

So, we'll probably try again in a couple of weeks.

who is still the proud owner of an IA license)