Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ideally I would like to live in a big building with four wings surrounding an enclosure, with a garden and a nice fountain. Shaped like this:

My family and I would live in one wing, and in the other wings would live all our best friends.

We are not moving into that building. But we are moving into a condo in a group of buildings that looks like this:

As you can see, this group of condos is very similar to the building I would like to live in. As you can also see, there is a swimming pool, which is kind of like a very big fountain that happens not to be running. What you cannot see from this picture is that we will live here:

and that a group of some of our best friends lives here:

So that's a whole corner of my dream right there. Maybe if I dream harder it will spread until I have the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Which birch were you swinging when you took that picture?